Who we are

Our company

We are a company with 20 years of experience in the Dominican Republic and the necessary knowledge and resources for a successful work in all project development and management areas.
Our company is internationally oriented and our main shareholders are from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.
But our real commercial center is the Dominican Republic, mainly in the beautiful bay of Maimón in Puerto Plata.
There we possess huge extensions of land which we are willing to sell to interested buyers and on demand help them to realize their own plans. Also we are developing there our own extensive projects, planning, erecting and selling villas, apartments and commercial buildings.
Another central point of our activities is the development of investment programs which offer even to small investors a beneficial participation in our projects, with high yields and very low risk.
Caring to be absolutely transparent we happily will provide you with all basic information, news and plans for the future.
For any question you might have please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Our Products

Plots of land from 500 m² (no upper limit) directly within the bay Bahía de Maimón in Puerto Plata.

Luxury villas with living spaces of 125 m², 150 m², 190 m² and 240 m², for sale, rent or as investment objects.

Luxury apartments with living spaces of 65 m² (Studio), 85 m² (Junior Suite) or 120 m² (Suite), for sale, rent or as investment objects.

Commercial premises for all business types and ideas, for sale or rent – designed and constructed following your own personal requirements.

Affordable high quality holiday programs.

Highly beneficial investment programs for big and small investors.

Design, construction and management of your own personal projects.